it is possible to select postgres RDB data directly?

Hello. I learning about medix platform.  I connect local postgres connection successfully. But I wonder It is possible to select Postgres RDB data directly. I have some important data in table on postgres local environment. I want to select query data on mendix environment. But I couldn’t do select RDB data.  Instead, an entity table was created. For example, My postgres rdb data tbl name : tbl_user entity name :  hello$tbl_user I want to select tbl_user data.. not using hello$tbl_user.        
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Well, you can execute a query with API available against the tables available, even if they are direct POSTgres tables like pg_stat_all_tables. But it is not advisable.

Just out of curiosity:

How will you create tables for your Mendix app with out linking the entity?

And How will you manage it?

How do you want to show the output of the query without having an entity? Given the data widgets works only with entity?

There might other out of the box solutions available. Would advice you to explore them first.