App creating random empty objects in database

Hello! My team has been having an incredibly odd issue with one of our apps. So as a background the entire app revolves mainly around one entity, and then the rest of the entities are built as associations off of this one entity. The app is a questionnaire of sorts, and each form of the questionnaire is stored within an object of this main entity On our start page, there is a button that when clicked creates an object of this entity, and brings the user to another page to set up the main attributes for this entity. After clicking a confirm button, a microflow sets up the rest of the components that are connected to this main entity, and the user is brought into the main questionnaire. Other times besides clicking into the “Create object” page that would create this entity are when the user clicks into the start page from our initial home screen (part of helping it work with mobile,  will be addressed later), and then if the user leaves the “Object Creation” page without finishing the initial setup, as the unfinished object is deleted, and a fresh one is created. So with that in mind, for some reason, every once in a while after editing one of our text area input widgets, the app will create a new COMPLETELY BLANK object of that main entity, and store it. As far as we’ve seen, no other extraneous parts that connect to the main entity are created, just this main object is created.  We’ve been looking through all corners of our app to figure out why, and we’re completely stumped. We know the following things about it: It seems to trigger whenever we edit one of our “Text Area” input widgets, and then immediately check our data page that displays all of our database objects However, it does not CONSISTENTLY happen, the chances of it happening vary at times All of our input widgets have the following event handler set (On Change: Save Changes – No Close No Sync), could this be triggering either our leave action that was in our create page, or something else? We've noticed that sometimes it happens when the user has more than one instance of the app open. For example if they have one tab on the questionnaire they are working on, and another tab that has a different questionnaire open to use as reference, sometimes this has caused the issue. Or if there is a tab open on an entry, and a tab on our data viewing page, sometimes it occurs then as well We’re incredibly confused about what could be causing it, and any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys so much!
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Step one is to find out what process is creating teh empty object. To get some more information a an AfterCreate Event to your entity and, if all attributes are left empty, make it log as much information as possible. User, role, DateTime, etc.

You can also make the AfterCreate throw an error. Bit more nasty,

You can also make one of the attributes, left empty by the mysterious create, obligatory.

Hope these options help you find the answer to this odd symptom.