Fill entity createdDate after creation

Hi, Sometimes I create entities and don’t fill out the “createdDate” from the beginning. After some time I realize that it would be good to have those dates. When enabling the “createdDate” after some objects have been created the saved value is null. How can I change that to any valid value? Or is there some other trick to handle this? Kind regards Johan
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Hi Johan,

If you did not enable createdDate already. The value will be missing indeed.

What you can do is:

- Write an ASU or some way of migrating the existing data – could also be a screen with datagrid and action buttons

- You can start filling the created date manually to a valid value if you knew when the object was created 

- May be if there are any associated objects with created date filled, you can also choose to use that date

I dont think there are any mechanism available to make this filled automatically. 


The values of systems members like CreatedDate, changedDate etc cannot be changed using a change activity in a microflow.

The only option I see is to directly edit them in the database. 

If you are running in the Mx cloud:

  1. bacup database
  2. download backup
  3. restore locally
  4. Set the date values – DO THIS CAREFULLY AND WITH CORRECT VALUES ;-)
  5. Create backup of your local database
  6. Upload & restore in cloud environment


note; ensure the app is not accesible during this, to avoid data loss