create an attribute that is constructed using another attribute in the same entity

Hi, I have created a rest call (get) which is invoked with a button through a microflow. The rest call works and stores the results in a persistent entity. One of the attributes that is stored in the persistent entity through the rest call, is an attribute named 'PublicatieId'. This attribute is needed to create an url for each object. The URL for each object in this entity is constructed exactly the same; the only unique part for each object is the attribute 'PublicatieId'. The URL for each object should be like this: I would like to create an attribute 'TendernedLink' in the entity and store the unique URL which is created using the attrribute 'PublicatieId' in the attribute 'TendernedLink'. Both attributes are in thr same entity and the attrribute 'TendernedLink' should be construed as an URL in order to enable clicking on the link. The problem is that I'm quite new in Mendix and I don't know how I can fix this. I would like to have some help to solve this problem. Any help is greatly ppreciated, thank you!
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