Best practise database connector

Hi all!   I have a question regarding the database connector. I retrieve objects from an external sql database. Everything goes according to plan, but I'm wondering about a best practise for my use case.  In the app I want the display – sometimes a lot (read 1000) of – rows to the user. Would you reckon it's best practise to query the data, store it in the mendix database and show it to the user. Or is it better to query the data and directly show it, without storing it in the Mx DB?
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I think it depends on the actual usecase. Are you showing it to the user very often? You may be able to “cache” it in the Mendix db and only sync it at given points in time. If your data changes a lot, that might not be the best solution.

If you need to execute this query very often, I would not store it in your local db. It might speed up the page but it creates a lot of overhead storing it in your db.

As always, there is no definite right or wrong.