Updating values after import - displaying another value

Hi All,  We need to display a value that is different from the ones we get from a the database list.  For example: Let’s say we get the string “BLUE_VERRARI_X123”, we’ll need to display “Hybrid X123 blue matte” What would be the best way to do it? As a newbie, I believed that I could implement Java/ JS case code in the microflow> change object > edit change item window. I was wrong.  Using If’s for this would be highly inefficient.  Thanks  
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I would make a conversion microflow to use in the importmapping from where ever you get your data from. You can use the ‘convert using’ option to translate your incoming string to whatever you want. That way the process is done once.

Incoming parameter for your microflow is a string, than a create variable action with the desired conversion and formatting and return the new string in the endpoint. 

See https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/string-function-calls