Verifying Administration.Account is created when logging in through SSO/SAML

My organization is coming up to completing and deploying their first Mendix app into a production node but something that I have noticed in moving from the free node into an Acceptance node is that it at least appears to not create any Administration.Account objects. When I log in, it appears to default to Admin (which for my account should be doing that) but when I check the Administration.Account_Overview page (which I have included into the app in case accounts get ‘stuck’, which I believe is the technical term for it, and need to be manually deleted or have their app role changed or whatever), the user does not exist in Local Users but does (crypticly) in System Users (I know that they exist because I spent a lot of time on the free node getting custom user provision to work and began to recognize who was who in System Users). I also added another tab to that page that grabs all Administration.Account objects (unlike the default one that has constraints with XPath added in) and that data grid shows no users as well. I am not sure how I could verify that when someone logs in, the user is created with the appropriate roll. Is this something that has to be done through the Developer Portal or am I missing something?  This all worked and was verifiable when it was on a free node but not now that it has been moved to a licensed node.
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I would double check how you create your user and how the reference between account and user is set. Did you do some inheritence or did you set a reference between account and user? The prefered way is that a reference is set because an user has an account and not is an account.  So when you create the user you also create an account set the reference and do all the other stuff you need to do like setting it’s user roles.