Is Unique Constraint on Entity Attribute case sensitive?

If I have unique constraint on “Name” attribute in an entity. Will “Duplicate” and “dupLicate” be considered unique or will I get validation error? OR just like xpath = string comparison – it works differently on PC vs PostGres on cloud?
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My expectation is that this has not changed over the last decade. Case in/sensitivity does not tend to switch often. Read: never. So here we go:

- test 1, HSQL (the local database): Case insensitive, so validation error.

- test 2, Postgres: Case sensitive, so it is ok with “Duplicate” and “dupLicate” as being separate values.

This is still the same as it was in 2009, during question 472: SQL Server and Built-in: case-insensitive, PostgreSQL and Oracle: case-sensitive

It is a missed opportunity for MBS not having straightened out PostgreSQL’s and Oracle's error of being case sensitive in the human interface. But we have to take this into consideration when deciding what type of database to use locally. Convenient HSQL, or match the cloud-version and setup PG admin locally.