Error when trying to deploy the SAP cloud

 Hello!   I am having some issues when trying to deploy my app to the SAP cloud. When I select my region the only region that does not give me the error below is the Netherlands region: “An error occured performing SSO due to server_error. Error Description: Unexpected server error nul” As my HANA trial account is registered in Frankfurt, I need to register using the Frankfurt region when making my selection on Mendix, it gives me the affore-mentioned error. Any ideas on what might be causing this?   Thanks! Adam
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There has been an outage today for an hour or two or so. You should be ok by now.

For SAP’s current status check out Here is what they report on today’s incident:

Past Incidents

Jun 24, 2020

Europe (Frankfurt) [cf-eu10] - Service Advisory

Resolved - Service has been restored as of approximately 12:49 UTC on 24 Jun 2020.
Jun 24, 13:18 UTC

Update - Service is restored since 12:49 UTC on 24 Jun 2020 and we are monitoring to ensure stability.
Jun 24, 12:55 UTC

Identified - Since approximately 11:55 UTC on 24 Jun 2020, customers may have experienced a disruption on the SAP Cloud Platform. Engineers are working to restore service and updates will be provided as events warrant.