Issue with OData Version 2 and Version 3

Hi there, I have published an OData Service of my Mendix App, because I want to use the Data in an SAP System. However I couldn't consume the OData Service of my Mendix App, because the SAP System only accepts Version 2 of OData. Mendix only has Odata Version 3. I figured out, that I just have to make a few changes on the $metadata file to "convert" it to Version 2. Therefore I visited my OData Service:$metadata and downloaded the metadata.xml File and made the changes.  Know I couldn't figure out how I can import the changed metadata.xml file and make it available on$metadata Is there a way how I can change the metadata.xml on my published OData Service and if yes, which is the best way to do it?  If there is no other way, is Mendix thinking about making OData V2 available? I know, it is a step back and not forward, but I saw that I am not the only one having problems with OData Connectivity to SAP Systems. Best regards, Ömer
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@Ronald Catersels

Thanks for the answer.

So just to be clear: With the current state it is not possible to consume Mendix Data in SAP Analytics Cloud? 

I have created an SAP Analytics Cloud Test account because I wanted to check the live connectivity. Looking at the connections I can create, I saw following options:


So the only Connection with might be possible is OData, but it isn't working because SAP only supports V2. 

Am I right that for my case there is no possibility to publish a web service and consume it in SAP Analytics Cloud (considering the options which I can use for creating a live data connection)? You could solve it with a published web service, because the SAP BI System was supporting the connectivity to a web service, is that correct?

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Hi Omer,

Did you see this post? You may have to use web services instead of OData.