How to go about getting all the information i need to a microflow

I have a situation where I have the following data model:   I need to create statements for each the partners.  The statement list all of the partners transaction(ParnterTrans) and all of the horse transactions(HorseDetail) along with the % of ownership to calculate a total for the partner.  A partner does not own every horse but a subset of them.  What is the easiest way to make this statement?  I need to pick a statement month (StatementDates), then select a partner, then get all the ownerships for that partner, then get all corresponding horse transactions and apply the % owned to get the partner amount of that trans. Should I be using summary tables.,...  not sure how to move this forward. Help Please!!!
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Hi Aj,

I would play around using datagrids and dataviews with data source "listen to widget". To display this data you could create an entity that will hold the date you described, with an association to a partner. Then your page will have the date picker for the date and a reference selector for partner. Once you pick a partner you can show a datagrid over association (use datasource over association or xpath) to display the ownerships, then have a dataview that listens to the ownership datagrid. Then this dataview will have another dataview inside of it (data source context) and you can show the horse object.

Regarding the calculation you made, you would have to use a microflow that retrieves all this information and does the percentage calculation. You could run this microflow from your page and pass the object  from the page that contains the association to partner that was selected, the you can retrieve over association and retrieve the partner object. From there its a matter of doing the right retrieves to do your calculation.


Hope this helps!