Interfacing to existing database models (e.g. Data Connector)

I found an mpr project at implemented in Java that allows objects to be pulled from a foreign database and presented as objects through widgets in Mendix Modeller. I could not import it (using menu: Import Project Package...) as it is an mpr file rather than an mpk file. Possibly this is because of version differences (Modeler 7.17.2 vs. mpr version 1.0.2) Question 1:   Is  it possible to import this mpr into the current version of modeler? Question 2: If not, is there any other way to read existing foreign database objects and present them in the Modeler rather than build the schema manually in the Domain Modeler.        
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If you open the Appstore from within the Desktop Modeler (click the empty Shopping Cart on the right hand side of the toolbar), you'll be able to find the Database Connector module in the appstore from within the Modeler.   Once you find it, click the Download button and this module will be added to the project you have open.  I've included a screen shot below:

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