Email connector network issues?

Hi there!   I want to send emails to my customers. Normally, I use the email with templates module, but since it has been deprecated, I wanted to try out the new email connector.   I didn't encounter any issues when using my home network or cellular data, as I was able to connect to the SMTP server and receive my test emails. However, when I'm connected to my own office Wi-Fi or a client's office Wi-Fi, I'm unable to establish a connection. In my own office, I receive a "connection timeout" error, while at my client's office, I get a "read timeout" error. The View Log Line Details indicate that the error occurred in the SendEmail Java action within my Mendix application.   I used the same settings for the email with templates module, which works fine in all scenarios.   What could be causing this issue, and how can I resolve it? Also, would it be advisable to continue using the email module on my own network, or will it potentially cause issues in a later phase?
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Hi Iris,


Can you give the log messages for more context.





I’m considering the configuration is not on-premise.

Can you try executing this command from your Mendix server, To see if your email server is accessible from a Mendix server?  "telnet 465" (replace server name and port with the one that corresponds to your configuration).

Contact the firewall management team if this command doesn't work so they can assist you in configuring ports as needed.

You said, "I used the same settings for the email with templates module, which work fine in all scenario". However, I cannot think of any reason why send email wouldn't work with Email Connector.