RFC Call - Mendix to Sap

Hej Mendixer,   in a Project i have a Requirement to call 1 Bapi and 1 Rfc. The Bapis is working as  assumed with the SAP BAPI Connector. With the Model Creator for SAP we can create the Entity Model and call the Bapi with the Call Bapi Activity. The Rfc isnt working as assumed. We cant create a Domain Model for the rfc in the Model Creator.   The Question is : Is there a another way to call the rfc or is a Java Activity the only Option?   Thankfull for all Advices Best Regards,
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Hi, in case of RFC domain model has to be created manually, but while making domain model if BAPI base entity are used then you can BAPI connector callBAPI java action/microflow to call RFC. For Base entities, please refer the domain model which you have generated for BAPI.P.S. In case RFC having changing parameters then it is not supported with BAPI connector as BAPI does not support changing parameters.