Connector: 404 - file not found for file and Connection pool shut down

Hi everyone, In recent days, we have been getting the following errors frequently. One of our apps just popped up in production with these errors and we've been getting them for a few days now. (Continues even if no user is logged in) We were using Mx.9.13.0, I upgraded it to Mx.9.18.7 but that didn't change anything. This brings the performance problem. After these errors, any request made from the database in the system does not reach any results. And then it gives 'connection pool shut down' warning. Meanwhile, metric values are skyrocketing. Is there anyone who can give information about this? Or someone who knows how to solve it? Thanks in advance ………………..
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Those file not found errors are just hackers doing scans on the system. But those scans do not affect your application. They have no effect on your performance. And from the graph I would not say that these values are sky rocketing. The app can handle much more requests per second. I do not see that connector pool shutdown warning in your logs.
And for the threadpool read this documentation:

You did not post the graph so I can not comment but you check if those number colaborate with the requests from webservice calls.

And offcourse you can get in touch with Mendix expert services but that is paid consultancy.