What extra information is needed in the metadata.xml file to enable Create, Update and Delete operations using DataHub?

I am importing a metadata.xml file using the Consumed OData Service functionality but that only enables the Read operation for my entities using OData. I understand that this is because of the information that is being returned in my metadata.xml file but I just wanted to get an idea about what a metadata file should consist of that will enable the rest of the CRUD operations. The REST API service that I am consuming has not been built using Mendix but it uses OData.
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The capabilities metadata required is documented here: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/consumed-odata-service-requirements/


Simplest way to get an example is to create a new OData API in Mendix with the required capabilities, and then export its metadata contract. This is an xml file that you can open in a text editor to find the required capabilities info.