Association with self is greyed out in the consumed Data Hub entity properties

Hi. I’m trying to publish an entity with a self-association to Data Hub. There’s no problem with that. However, when I drag this entity to the consumer app domain model the association is not added and if I try to add it manually via the Associations tab it’s greyed out. I also tried Studio 9.10.1 and it fails there too.
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Hi Ilya,

Interesting question. The short answer is that this is currently not supported. You also see that if you hover over the self-referencing association in the Data Hub pane. I will ask around if I can get some more information on this.

Edit: consuming self-referencing OData associations will be possible when we support one way navigation properties, which is not yet the case. I don’t know yet when we have support for that, but it’s something we are thinking about.