Replace an entity table with a database view

Hi. I want to take the existing data in readonly Oracle tables and publish it in Data Hub. The clients are going to be the regular Mendix apps and should only require what the platform provides out of the box to access these Data Hub entities. On the server side I don’t want to create my own XPath/OQL parser to convert the incoming OData requests to SQL (Mendix does this pretty well). However, the problem is, Mendix can only do that for its own entity tables. How to trick Mendix to select from my Oracle view instead of the entity table? Ideally, get access to the ORM registry in runtime and replace the table name associated with the entity or at least replace a string in the generated SQL before it’s sent to JDBC. I already know how to craft valid 64bit object IDs for the rows in my view  so it’s not going to be a problem.  
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That is not possible. We’re working on a way to wrap any datasource in an External Entities compatible odata API. Can you send me an email at to discuss your use case?