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EC2 Connector


I have an app which controls EC2 instances and AppStream fleets

I recently converted it to use the new AWS Authentication and AWS Lambda connectors, so it is much simpler than before. However if there were dedicated connectors for EC2 and AppStream that would be even easier

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Hi Colin, 

Noted! To be honest, EC2 and AppStream haven't really come up yet, but we can definitely discuss them and give you some feedback. Please help us to help you: 

  1. If these are separate connectors, then please create a separate Idea for an "AppStream connector", so we can see who is voting for what. 
  2. If you have any specifics on what these connectors should do and what use cases they would serve, then please share them here in the respective posts or send us an email on 


@All, please vote for this EC2 connector, if you also think it would be useful and add your comments about functionality and use cases below