Crash Course: No read access to association Employee_Account in entity Admnistration.Account for user role (with role Administrator in module Administration

The title says it all. I am getting an error in the Crash Course: No read access to association 'Employee_Account" in entity 'Admnistration.Account' for user role (with role 'Administrator' in module Administration I have the owner for the Employee_Account association set to “both.”  The resource is on the Employee_NewEdit screen. I verified that the module access for role Employee.Adminstrator is set to full write & full read. The resource exists with the DataView2. Data Source: UserManager.Employee_Account/Administration.Account Visibility: based on attribute ‘HasAccount’ I get the same issue for user role Employee.KeyUser, which also has full read Image of error message:  
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Hi JR Spencer,

Did you set access rights for Employee_Account association in both Employee as well as Account entities to read / readwrite (whichever required)? 

This error is because you didn't set access rights correctly in either one or both the entities. 


Hope this helps!