Extract Domain model from mpr

Hi, Thread "Export Domain model " states "The domain model itself can't be exported separately, but you have the option of exporting the module and that includes the domain model. Right-click on the module and choose the option export module package." I want to gather all Domain Models of all our Mx Apps in a modeling tool for data management / architecture purposes. How do I extract the Domain Model from the mpr file into a transportable/interoperable format? BR, M.
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With Mendix 6.0.0, we will release the Mendix Platform SDK and Model API. That toolkit will allow you to write scripts that can do exactly that: with a script, you can read out the entire app model, including the different domain models, but also microflows, pages, etc.

We will release the SDK and technical documentation together with Mendix 6.0.0. The Mendix website already has a page that describes the feature: https://www.mendix.com/application-platform-as-a-service/open-platform/

And for a sneak peek at some technical details, check out my pre-release announcement blog post: https://www.mendix.com/blog/presenting-the-mendix-platform-sdk/

Stay tuned for our release announcement!


I assume this is possible with the new Model API that will be released with Mendix 6.


In the project explorer, if you right click somewhere in the white area (so not on a specific module) you can 'Export Documentation'. This will generate an HTML file with all microflows, entities and attributes of your project. Maybe you can parse this in some way that you can use it in your other program