Published rest services: How to document undocumented response codes?

The goal is to document published API's properly. The automated Swagger documentation seems decent, but nonstandard response codes are not documented. How can I document these response codes properly? If someone could tell me where to find the original swagger.json file for copying, pasting and editing on disk, that would help a lot! (When running the published rest service demo project locally, I found it here on the server: http://localhost:8080/rest-doc/rest/prsorderservice/v1/swagger.json; I need to know where it's located so that I can replace the original with a better version so that I can publish the API with minimal effort)   update: I know I can export the swagger.json via rightclicking on the service inside the project explorer, but I need to know how I can replace that json so that the new info is also used after I update the published REST service.
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Hi Wouter,

This is not possible at this moment. 

Was originally part of this idea: but was not implemented.

My suggestion is to create this idea separate, you got my vote! ☑