Sign Out and Default Session expiry

Hi all,  I'm after a bit of advise. We are implementing single sign on and when a user clicks to sign out button I want it to take them back to office 365. I've done this by changing the button used for signing out to open a link to Office 365. So this does what i want it to but I want to make sure that the user's session is terminated. I would like to know what people think is the best way of achieving this.  1: Auto time-out - The session timeout is 10 mins. So the session will be sitting idle for 10 mins, before being flagged for removal, which could take a further 5 mins. (If I understood this correctly) SessionTimeoutDefines after how much time session becomes invalid (in milliseconds). After that timeout a session becomes applicable for removal. The session won’t be destroyed until the next time the cluster manager evaluates the active sessions. Default: 600000 ClusterManagerActionInterval The interval (in milliseconds) used for performing all cluster manager actions. These actions include, unblocking users, and removing invalid sessions. If nothing is specified the interval is half the SessionTimeout. Default: 300000  Having idle sessions around for 15 mins would use extra resources though. I could lower the idle time, but don't want users to be logged out mid session if they've stopped for a few minutes which is more than likely in our area of work.  2. Microflow - Can you sign a user out in a microflow? I was thinking something like this - Start --> Open Link --> End Session --> End I'm interested to hear what comments or suggestions anyone has Many thanks,  Garion  
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