List sorting in Datasource Nanoflow

Hi all, Currently I'm working on an offline application, so only nanoflows can be used. Now I'm struggling with the next problem; after selecting a date in a list, I go to a nanoflow which creates orderlines based on the available articles for that specific date. Those articles have an index that is used for sorting. This index is also added to the Orderline/CountOrder attribute. After that I go to a page with 2 datasource nanoflows. Each nanoflow is used for 1 type of orderline. In this datasource nanoflow I retrieve the total list of orderline (xpath not available), sorted(ascending) on this CountOrder. From this list I remove the wrong type of order. This list is the endpoint of the nanoflow. At the page the list isn't sorted anymore. In my opinion the list should be sorted based on the CountOrder. Is this correct or just a bug? With kind regards, Bjarn Onderstal      
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