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Hello all,  Simply put... Is there anyway to move associated data from one object to another? During out testing phase we manually created objects so our users could use them as if it were a live system. Now that we will making the app available company wide we won't be manually creating objects. We will be importing them using database replication which will include records that we have already manually created and I'm unsure the best way to deal with this. The objects have a lot of associated data that would be extremely impractical to recreate manually. There are 7 entities associated to the entity where the data will be imported.   The import will be run every night as a sync. So the app stays up to date with another database.  Option 1:  Is there away to take all the associated data from the manually created objects and add them to the corresponding objects that will be imported? Option 2: Exclude, from the data import, the records that would conflict with the manually created date. This is not ideal and a bit messy. I'd prefer using option 1.  Afterthought... is it possible to this using pgAdmin? Does anyone know if option 1 is possible? Or have any other suggestions? Many thanks,  Garion
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Hello Garion,

A selective migration is possible within pgAdmin assuming that both your new and old databases are imported on the same instance of pgAdmin. However you wouldn't be able to run this on the cloud and I would advise against it if you're not familiar with pgAdmin queries. 

You can work around it through the db replication module and additional MFs to sync your desired data.

Here's an example of a workaround:

-You could add a new boolean for your migration named "IsMigrated" and set it to default to true, where you would define it to be false in all your creation microflows and current data. This way when you migrate data via the DB migration you will have all new records with a IsMigrated tag against them on which you can filter and process them following the migration.

Hope this helps.