Connect Account/Local User with entitiy Student

hey guys, i am currently working on a lecture schedule app. I am somehow trying to connect the created local users with my entity "student". How can i reach that if i create a new local user, a new student will be created at the same time, with the same data/properties? And how do I manage that all the other entitys, which are associated with "student" will work with the local users data? Thank you for your answers in advance! 
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Hi Keanu,

In your 'Save' microflow you can add functionality, including the possibility to create and connect a Student object. If you have a default Save button, you can change this to a custom Save action, in which you call a microflow to perform these actions.

Good luck!


EDIT: added screens:

In the popup for adding users, you can right-click the save button and select 'go to microflow' to see the functionality that is being triggered when clicking this button.

In this microflow you can add the 'create object' activity, in which you can create a Student object, that you can link to your account object. In order to do this, you need to add this association in your domain model (link the account object to the student object)

Hope this helps!