How can I append 2 pdf documents in different entities to one single pdf document?

I have two different pdfs in two different entities. Is there any mechanism in Mendix to append these 2 files to single pdf file? Or do I need to rely on java to work on this? Kindly reply as soon as possible since it is an urgent requirement.    
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As long as the entities are both specializations of system.filedocument, there is a Java action in Community Commons called MergeMultiplePDFs.  You should be able to get it working.

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if you want to append an image, you'll need to create a simple document template that contains the image, generate a pdf file from the image, and then use that file in your merge.

here are some screen shots where I have this working in one of my apps.

I create a new object, which is a specialization of System.FileDocument

Then I generate and retrieve some PDFs, which are all the same object type (entity).  I create a list of these objects and add files to that list:

The Change List action is configure like this:


And the Merge Java action is configured like this:

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as said by Mike,

PDF merge can be done using the Community Commons lib. MergeMultiplePdfs java action and you can find the documentation below link.