-Model SDK API- How to retrieve/add/update the userroles for an existing app?

Hi all I have questions regarding the Mendix Model SDK api: 1 - I want to add/change userroles for an existing app. I look to the API docs and find userrole in security. Then I see the Constructor, which I should use for creating new userrole like this: new UserRole(model: AbstractModel, structureTypeName: string, id: string, isPartial: boolean, unit: ModelUnit, container: AbstractElement): UserRole A) How should I know which parameters are required and which not? seen in the modeler there is Name , Documentation, Module Roles, Check security, User Management. B) How can I retrieve the currrent set of userroles and change it? C) After that I would like to know the implying errors of that change, is that possible to retrieve? And which errors they are?
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