Forgot password module problem

I have downloaded the forgot password module. It does what its meant to do; it send the email to the user. However, when the user clicks on the URL given, they get an error on the browser that goes as follows: Not found: /link/ForgotPassword?GUID=37414dab-87c8-40ba-b7e1-5effa288bd53 The requested object does not exist or you (Anonymous_95f20196-1938-4c30-a30b-535996615e7a) do not have the permissions to view the object. You can try to navigate directly to the application. What do I have to do to fix this problem?
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Did you also imported the deeplink module and set that up. Because you need a deeplink called ForgotPassword. Check the documentation again on how to configure the deeplink.




Did you call the StartDeeplink microflow after startup? Go to Project -> Settings -> Model then click on show. This will display the after startup microflow. I believe you need to call the StartDeeplink microflow here. If the microflow doesn't exist, create one.

You will also need to call the DeepLinkHome microflow before directing your users to the home page. This microflow returns a boolean. If it's false, show the default Home Page else just go to and end activity.

Refer to the Deep Link Module documentation in the App Store for more information.

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