Look and feel

If I want to try and sell Mendix to people and want to showcase look and feel before functionality, what demonstrations can I deliver? Are there urls for companies employing Mendix in such a way that it looks like some of the professional templates you find on themeforest.com? The demo apps are nice, but I'm looking for something that will blow folks' socks off. MBM 14.0x does support divs, so it allows me to reverse engineer some off the stuff off startbootstrap and themeforest, but I'm hardly what you would call a professional, I just do sideline stuff. You get lots of html templates on the net that looks so awesome people will buy it because it looks good, and they'll think it works, but it in fact does nothing. A professional, mobile responsive look really is a selling point. If anyone are aware of this level of awesomeness in a Mendix app and can share the url, that would be cool. Peace out, Thanks
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