[Deprecated] Using the main placeholder as pop up (5.14)

I have this warning on my application layout Desktoplayout. When I search 'Open form locations' on this layout I get 446 places where it is used, all marked 'Content' (no single pop-up). I guess I shouldn't get this warning then. Where do I go wrong? (Or does the search also include objects that are excluded from the project?).
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If all pages based on the layout are only used in content, you can safely set the property 'Use main placeholder' of the layout to 'No'. This will make the deprecation warning go away. For more information, see the following article:

Feature: find page open locations


Use 'Edit/Find Advanced' Search for 'Page open locations'. 'All pages based on layout'. Select the layout and check in the results the column 'location' for 'content' or 'pop-up'. Should be all 'content'