IE9 Text Box Copy/Paste Issue in Mendix 5.12 and 5.15

I have encountered a problem with copying text and pasting using the right-click context menu. When I try to paste text into a text box using the right-click, the value of what I paste does not paste correctly. In 5.12, it actually shows up as placeholder text. When I type in the text box what I pasted disappears, but if you delete the newly type text the pasted value reappears (just as a placeholder would if nothing is in the text box). In 5.15, nothing is pasted into the text box at all; it simply stays blank. This problem has been found in Internet Explorer 9. Using Ctrl-V works fine, but users insist on being able to use all options of copying and pasting. Has anyone else experienced this, or does anyone have a workaround? Thanks!
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