file errors

I am trying to integrate a new java charting library into my Mendix application, and the application runs fine but I noticed that I am receiving errors in my system.proxies package, particularly in the file. It is saying that the system.proxies.EventStatus type cannot be resolved to a type, for example, for the getStatus() method below, it is saying that system.proxies.EventStatus cannot be resolved to a type. It appears that it is only having problems recognizing this system.proxies.EventStatus type. I’m thinking that I need to import a mendix package or I am maybe missing a library, any suggestions would be great. Some of the methods that are receiving this error are below. Thank you. public final system.proxies.EventStatus getStatus() { return getStatus(getContext()); } public final system.proxies.EventStatus getStatus(IContext context) { Object obj = getMendixObject().getValue(context, MemberNames.Status.toString()); if (obj == null) return null; return system.proxies.EventStatus.valueOf((String) obj); }
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