A few questions regarding the Mendix app server and functionality

Hi, i have a few questions regarding the Mendix app engine, and some general questions on Mendix as well, your help would be appreciated. Questions are below: Does the app server clear out the objects after they go out of scope and clear up the heap? Is there any way we can manually clear objects in memory as an added safety precaution? What is considered out of scope in Mendix? Is it when an end event is triggered or does data still remain in memory afterwards? Is there any way we can monitor memory usage for a particular microflow? With the profiler module not available to us(as it is only available in earlier versions of the modeler), and with the limited options in the standard Mendix microflow, it’s hard to actually track memory usage, microflow time, resource allocation etc. Who created the profiler module, if Mendix, could it not be updated for newer versions of Mendix? any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated. the reason i am asking these questions is because we get java heap out of memory errors when we have about 24 users using the app, we are trying to pinpoint what is causing it, but it is quite difficult as we cannot view actual memory usage.
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Hi Reagan,

I found some resources that could help you: