YAML configuration on Linux CentOS

Hi I am doing an installation of Mendix on a Linux (CentOS) server. I have setup everything and modified the YAML file in the .m2ee directory with the base path to my server: /srv/mendix/sandbox ==============copied from m2ee.yaml=================== m2ee: # The project name, which will be displayed when you start the m2ee program # # no default, configuration is mandatory app_name: sandbox # The base path of your project directory. This is the location that contains # the data, model and web directories. # # no default, configuration is mandatory app_base: /srv/mendix/sandbox # or, directly use a deployment directory on a windows machine running the # Business Modeler remotely... The modeler deployment directory has the same # directory structure setup. # app_base: /home/example/mnt/windows/D/Projects/HelloWorld/deployment/ ============================================================= when I try to start Mendix using the m2ee command I get the following error msg: =====================Error msg============ [root@CentOS65 .m2ee]# vi m2ee.yaml [root@CentOS65 .m2ee]# m2ee CRITICAL: Option app_base in configuration section m2ee is not defined! ============================================= why doesn't it recognize my app_base settings? any help would be appreciated! HP
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I figured out the solution, I stored the yaml file in the wrong location and as such it wasn't loaded.

storing it in the ~ /.m2ee/ directory solved the issue