View generated PDF document on tablet or smartphone

We want to show a generated PDF document on a tablet or smartphone but can't get it to work properly. Already tried the 'download file' action, but this does not seem to to anything on the tablet. Also tried the 'document viewer' widget from the appstore. We implemented this widget in a pop-up page for the tablet. This results in showing the PDF document, but scrolling through the document does not work. Instead of scrolling through the pop-up page, you are scrolling through the underlying page. Any clue how to solve this?
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I got inspired and built a widget that provides a link to a Mendix FileDocument. Just put this widget inside a FileDocument data view, and it will generate a link to that file. You can specify the text for the link based on an attribute of the entity, and you can choose whether to open on a new tab.

The GitHub repository is: here

I will submit to the app store in the coming weeks.


Is their any inbuilt tool in mendix that helps in providing the file preview option?