Exporting and importing specialization objects based on association to generiralization entity

I'm trying to export/import the Excel exporter appstore module data. To do this I figured I'd use the same flow as used in the Excel importer appstore module. However I ran into one specific issue. I want to export and import the MxStatic + MxColumn objects. However I can only choose the MxData object trough it's MxData_MxSheet association in the XSD definition. It does export MxColumn and MxStatic data in the XML but since the import mapping is looking for MxData records it doesn't process them and would only map the attributes Name and Status. What options do I have to fix this? Should I just manually change the XSD? (see image) Also is there an option to reload an XSD for an XMLSchema process those changes in your XML to Domain and Domain to XML mappings without losing all the already mapped stuff?? Thanks in advance
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