Is it possible to place buttons below a datagrid rather than above?

I have a page with a datagrid (and a select button) and have some placing issues. On top of the page there is a datagrid (with orders for example). Below this datagrid there are some data entry points (order date/reference numbers/etc.). I would like the user to select an item from the datagrid, then continue on the bottom of the page to fill in some more data and then press a button to create the order (So i would need the selected item from the datagrid as input). I seem to be only able to use this selection if I put my microflow within this datagrid, is there any solution to this? I know I can invoke a microflow on click on the datagrid that sets some associations to non-persistable objects and do it like this, however then I cannot see my selection anymore.
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Just put a dataview below the grid with the property 'Type' set to 'listen to grid'. Selecting an item in this grid will then load this item in the dataview Then put your buttons in this dataview to trigger any MF with the selected object as input parameter.