Not existing index when deploying on SQL Server

Hi, We encounter issues in the Sync database step of our deployment. In a previous deployment we have created 2 associations between 2 entities. object 1 > relationship > object 2 entity > entityusersecurityexclude > user entity > entityusersecurityexclude_prep1 > user In the database (SQL Server) 2 tables are created to store the relationship info. Each of the tables gets an index. All as normal, however a little different in this case... In the latest deployment we have removed these relationships and during the sync database step we get a non existing Index error message (sync tries to drop the index). It turns out that the index has an incorrect name in the database... It seems to have been mixed up... entity > entityusersecurityexclude > user name of index: idxorganisationperson$entityusersecurityexcludeprep1system$userorganisationperson$entity entity > entityusersecurityexcludeprep1 > user name of index: idxorganisationperson$entityusersecurityexcludesystem$userorganisationperson$entity The prep1 part has been mixed up. Manually renaming the indexes in SQL Server resolves the issue (indexes can now be found and can be dropped. However, this does not sound like intended functionality. Anyone any idea what can be causing this?
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