Sequence of closing form and opening new form has different effect with different userroles

In our app we have a questionnaire module where questionnaires can be filled in over several pages. A user fills in a page, clicks the button 'Next page' and the current page is closed and the next page is opened/created. In the microflow first the current form is closed whereafter the new form is openend. The result for one userrole is that after two pages the page is closed and no new form is created, so the user ends-up at his initial screen. Doing the same with an other userrole, this works fine. When I turn around the sequence of closing and opening the forms, so first a new form is created and after this the current form is closed it works fine for the first userrole, but it goes wrong for the second userrole. All forms are in content. Is there a known issue about the sequence of opening/creating and closing forms in a microflow?
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I think there is. We filed a similar ticket (203201) where pages did not open and close in the requested sequence. Mendix accepted the issue and will solve this issue in an upcoming version (5.9 or 5.10).


In my experience, a 'refresh in client' can delay the 'close page' action of a microflow. Then, if the microflow also contains a 'show page', the 'close page' can sometimes be cause the new page to immediately close. (bug in the platform?). Try removing unneeded client-refreshes on change actions in the microflow and see if this helps.