Updating domain to xml mapping requires reassignment of all entities

I needed to change an XML schema, but simply updating the xml schema did not update the associated Domain-to-XML mapping. Thus I've re-selected the entities (clicking the select elements button) for the Domain-to-XML mapping without changing anything. (we only added nillable="true" on some elements) After this step all previously selected entities are missing and I need to completely recreate the mapping, which takes quite some time, since there are 60+ entities. Is there any other was for updating an XML-schema for a domain-to-xml mapping? Or is this a bug? (for xml-to-domain this worked just fine)
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Hi Fabian, we know remapping elements in xml-to-domain and domain-to-xml mappings can be painful when the schema has changed. We want to improve usability in coming versions. I can't promise you exactly which version, but it has our attention.

kind regards, Pieter