Is there a current tutorial for amending css in v 5 and above?

I want to better understand how I can make basic changes to css in Mx v 5.8.1 and above. css and styling is not covered in the online training courses, nor the advanced course. The tutorials available appear to relate to earlier versions and don't appear to work with v5. The 'How To' and Reference Guide don't seem to cover this (other than directing me to the old tutorial and saying how a css class property can be applied). Within the Forum there are may css posts, but I can't find one which is both current and at this basic level. I have gained some understanding and some success via the App Store Bootswatch add-on, inspecting using Firebug and trail and error. However it is slow going for a non-css-developer like me and I feel I am reinventing the wheel... Is there anything available or planned that might help me? Thanks.
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If you really want to understand the basics of CSS, just try any online tutorial. Mendix5+ is based on Bootstrap, so the current versions aren't that much different from 'normal' CSS.

I think you can come a long way by just learning CSS, and after that applying it in a Mx theme.

To answer your question: AFAIK the tutorials are indeed outdated, as are the video tutorials.