[%BeginOfCurrentWeekUTC%] fetches start of next week on Sunday

I am using [%BeginOfCurrentWeekUTC%] to set a variable to the start of week date. This works fine on Monday through Saturday when the previous Monday is set as the start of the week. However on Sunday it sets the date to the start of the next week ie Monday 22nd when run on Sunday 21st. [%EndOfCurrentWeekUTC%] also advances one week to Sunday 28th rather than the expected 22nd. I have checked that the First Day of week is set to Monday in the Project Model settings. Is there some other setting that I have missed? It's also strange that there are only six days in the week before it jumps a day. Edit - 22 Sep 2014 - I have raised ticket number 203358 for the token returning a date greater than the current date when used on a Sunday
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You mention you're using the *UTC version of this function. Is it possible the week already moved on to the next week in UTC time? Otherwise I can't really explain this, but usually these issues are related to something like that. What is the behavior if you use the localized versions of the function?