Refresh in Client not working after upgrade from v4.7.2 to v5.81

I have a strange behaviour after upgrading a project from V4.7.2 to v5.8.1. The project worked fine in v4 but is not giving expected results in v5. I have a page that will show validation messages if an attribute of each element is set to true. When submitting the form the validation process loops round each element on the form submitting the element to a sub-microflow to check and set the boolean attribute if an error is detected. A change object action is performed on the ShowValidation boolean attribute and the Refresh in client is set to true but not committed. When the sub-microflow returns to the main flow the ShowValidation attribute that was checked shows the flag to be set to true when looking in the variable listing whilst debugging from within the element loop and it is also shown as changed when viewed in the element object list prior to the microflow end event that returns to the page post validation. The validation messages do not show on the page which they should do as they are on a line with conditional visibility based on the ShowValidation attribute (Show when true). However when the object list is returned from the page if the process is repeated with nothing changed (ie the same errors) the attribute ShowValidation is set to false as if the changes previously made had not been made even though the object stays in context throughout. No other microflows are triggered in the process. Has anyone any suggestions? Have I missed something in the upgrade process? Edit Monday - I have been informed that the page originally used a data view list widget which is not supported in V5 so it was changed to a template grid. I have tried a list view widget but still have the same problem. Any ideas what I need to change to get this working?
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Hi David, I had a similar issue with refreshing using the questionaire module. I replaced the no longer supported datalistview widget with a template grid and the contents of page_newedit. This displayed the attributes but error messages didn't appear correctly. Instead i used a template grid and a form loader in the template grid. I pointed the form loader at the page_newedit. The formloader for Mendix 5 can be found here: