Selection input from 2 datagrids into a microflow

I have the following issues: For my project I need to select items from 2 datagrids (within a dataview) and use those as input in a microflow, would something like this be possible? The situation is as follows: We are currently looking at a transport, for which we need to add a routing and a tankcontainer. In my transport dataview there will be a button ''Add new routing'' which opens a popup (with a dataview of the transport). On the left side of the screen there will be a datagrid with routing options (datagrid 1) and on the right side of the screen will be a datagrid with tankcontainer options (datagrid 2). Would it be possible to single click a routing and a tankcontainer and then kick off a microflow that uses both these (and the Transport itself) as input?
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Create a third temp object. When a user clicks set the reference to this object and do a check if all criteria are met (that the object has a reference to both entities). If the criteria are met fire the microflow and pass the temp object. From there you have both objects through the reference.