Unique process id

I am creating log messages in my microflows. The concerned microflows each have a start and end log messages. These log messages should have a connection, so it will be easy to see if the start log also has an end log and therefor if the microflow succeeded. If the microflow has an object as parameter, it is easy to connect the two logs by put ting the objectID in the logmessage. But now I also have microflows that don't have any parameters but call on submicroflows. How can I create a unique ProcessID? For performance issues I am not allowed to create a new entity called ProcessID with an auto number and just retrieve the latest and add 1. Making a javacall to obtain the guid is also not allowed. Thanks in advance for your help!
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You say you can't call a java action to obtain a guid, but what about calling java for other reasons? Every session creates a new context for each client call and this context has a unique execution id that you can get from the IContext interface using the getExecutionId method. This gives you a toString of a unique UUID. Maybe you could use that?