Centralized user management

We're planning to build a couple of mendix apps, all of them are communicating with a core application. The mendix apps retrieve all kind of information from this core application and therefore we need credentials to access the core. We could configure all these credentials in different mendix apps, but we really want to use a central user management module in 1 mendix app. Users should be managed in this module and we would like to use this in all other apps. Example: Users logs in the central mendix app -> Retrieve business unit of user -> Retrieve access to apps -> Show launchpad with apps After clicking one of those app, we want SSO to handle the authentication. This way we don't bother our users with different urls and credentials for different apps and we don't have to manage users in 10+ apps. Basically we want to copy the Mendix launchpad :) I would like to ask the mendix community to help us with this requirement. Some questions: How would you approach this and where do we need to think of? Can we disable the default mendix authentication and use a different kind of authentication? Do we need to sync users between all those apps? How can we facilitate SSO?
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Why do you want to copy the Mendix launchpad and not use the Mendix launchpad itself?

UPDATE after comment

Our intend is that these kind of situations (saas app for customers of customers) can be served by our AppCloud as well, so the launchpad is intended as an app platform for cloud apps, and not just for app developers, just as your OS is an app platform for local apps. So we would be very interested in what requirements you would have or which features you are missing for the appcloud / launchpad in order to serve your needs.