REST Serialization not working?

Hi, I am trying to POST to a REST service, using the Mendix RestServices module. When I am trying to serialize my object, it seems the relations are not serialized. I only see the attributes in the result. The relations have the value null In the debugger, i do see the following line: No RestService has been definied for type: MyFirstModule.fields_data, identifier could not be serialized Am i missing something? Thanks, Rogier
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Hi Rogier,

Associations will be serialized in two cases:

  1. If the reference points to a non-persistent object
  2. if the reference points to a persistent object for which a data service definition is created.

Doing either one of these options should solve the issue. 'Normal' references are not serialized by default to mitigate the risk that you accidentally publish (almost all) your data for example after making domain model changes.