Teamserver stats

Hi All, In our company many people are using mendix on their own. Logical because we are an IT company :) But.. this way we have no clue who the active users are. Maybe there are some hidden guru's in our company. It is possible to retrieve somewhere some teamserver stats? If I am correct Mendix is using SVN and there are some tools that can provide nice stats. and offcourse some nice stackoverflow questions on this subject if you look for then you see some more beautiful stats. mm I'm wandering off.. sorry. Question: Is there a stats page for our TeamServer? Or is there an other way to get stats on project, user, commit and time level? Regards Edzo
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The company manager of your account can see how active people are in the member overview. This is based, among others, on the number of team server commits.

More stats are definitely possible, but currently not available.