How to make a number of images into a slideshow

How can I make a few images turn into a slideshow ? where each image allows you to click on a link.
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Maybe you can use the slideshow widget from the appstore?


Hi there Omid,

I am not sure of how extensive your Mendix knowledge or training is but with regards to the Image slider you are hoping to create. Once the widget is downloaded from the AppStore the documentation does explain what is required. Here are the basics :

  • You will need to display a form that contains the Carousel widget
  • In your Carousel widget properties you will need to select the "Entity" you are using. This entity needs to have the System.Image entity as a generalisation
  • You will need another form with an overview grid connected to the entity which will allow you to add these images.

This will help you to create your entity and select System.Image as its generalisation : Domain model : generalisation

Adding the widget :

alt text

alt text

Adding Carousel widget to form :

alt text

Domain model

alt text

Hope this helps!


Hello, could you break down the steps pelase, with screen shots ?

once i have created the entity, i am quite confused....

I am a novice to mendix So i appreicate youre help a lot.

Thank you